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05 January 2010 @ 02:22 am
The Long Overdue OBOC Entry  
And again, the months have ticked by without a blog entry, such that each time when I go to write something down, it becomes a burden to write the whole thing out. Indeed, at this point I'm not writing so much to tell you lot about my crazy months, but so that someday, when I look back and wonder what I did at the end of the decade, I'll have some proof somewhere.

We start in early November on my way to the OBOC Show, in the St. Louis Airport, which I thought I had finally gotten the hang of. Apparently, Southwest flies out of a different terminal than EVERY OTHER AIRLINE. A frenzied taxi ride and a (relatively) quick trip through security, and I walked up just in time to board my plane. AWAY TO BALTIMORE.

Turns out the OBOC show wasn't in Baltimore. So I hopped a ride with Dan Allan and Joe Bedont, who just happened to be heading for Rochester. The car ride consisted of large quantities of showtunes, old OBOC video, fast food and sharing life updates. Arriving in Rochester, we met up with Joe and Dan's ladies and bunch of other alumni. Then we eventually saw the OBOC show. It's hard to judge the quality of OBOC shows these days. Every generation of OBOC thinks that the stuff they're doing is good, but not as great as the stuff the older generation was doing when they were freshmen. And anything before that is just ancient history. I will say that I was quite entertained during many of the OBOC numbers, and some performers in particular I feel really carried the show.

After the OBOC show, there was the inevitable party at the Drama House. It was really weird to wander through D-Haus now, since I only was friends with one person living there. Time keeps moving forward I guess. The party was fun, and relatively drama free. No embarrassing pictures of me and Dan Allan have surfaced yet. Then there was the after-party in Phil and Alex's suite, which also happened to be where Dan Caylynn and I were crashing. Eventually after convincing drunk Phil to be quiet, we finally got to bed around 4.

And because I love a good challenge, at 9 I woke up to go to breakfast with Greg and Margaret. Greg is also a grad student who helps run an undergrad music ensemble. It was good to see them (and get hot cider and New York bagels), as they broke up a solid combo of OBOC people. Theatre types and computer scientists were in short supply on this visit.

Later in the day, I showed everyone the fruits of my labors involving the many hours of OBOC video I'd gone through. We grabbed the cool projection room in the Library and I showed ghosts from OBOC Past. In the process of ripping the DVD images Dan provided me with and splitting them into individual videos for each number, I saw lots of cool moments. A bunch of people's first OBOC numbers/solos. People I'd always thought of as cool upperclassmen as mere freshmen. Em-dub-but in Glee Club. Classic stuff. The video watching party was followed by a move to Wilson Commons for one regulation OBOC-style sing along. All I remember is my voice killing me since I hadn't sung much in quite awhile (other than the screeching we did on the car-ride). I still enjoyed myself thorougly; especially singing the Glee arrangement of Don't Stop Believing a capella with my friends. Note to self: sing more.

The day wound down with dinner and a trip to Evan and Jessie's for some drinks. Much fun was had, despite/because of the infectiousness of Phil's creative fast food jingle, which involved a punny hook about a burger joint called "Dicks." This led to thoughts of a "Dicks" musical, and when it came to title said musical, we ended up inserting the word "Dicks" into every single musical title we could, which everyone found hilarious. It ended up being an early night however, since you can only stay up to four so many times. And coming up with the jokes was more tiring than you'd expect.

Sounds like an awesome road trip, no? Mission accomplished? Kids, we're not even close to being done. For as far as we had traveled, for as long of day as Friday was, and for all the musical theatre packed into that weekend, we weren't done. Sunday morning we packed up and shipped off on a 6 hour journey to a magical far off place called Jersey, where we met up with none other but the Heather Good, to watch a production of Guys and Dolls, featuring none other but the Rachel MW Butler. Not only were we treated to a hilarious and talented production, but afterward we all had dinner, including the infamous Andrew Butler, Rachel's husband whom I had never met up until that fateful night.

Hanging out with all these people, one song was resounding in my head. Well, actually several. But Bui Doi has very little thematic relevance to this post. I kept thinking about "Find Your Grail" from Spamalot. "Life is really up to you, you must choose what to pursue. Set your mind on what to find, and there's nothing you can't do." And all weekend, I kept thinking about how it seemed like everyone was in varying stages of actually finding their own personal grail. I'm pretty happy with the grail I've found, in this weird combination of theatre and computer science, with more theatre and music on the side. And there were more variations on this, either in hope, plan or actuality. Medicine with theatre on the side. Teaching with theatre on the side. Experimental physics with theatre on the side. I suppose its a fact of growing up that, as we amble toward adulthood, the paths of our lives can crystalize and we find what we were meant to do.

Back in Jersey, with bittersweet photos and goodbyes, Joe Dan and I left the Applebees, hitting the trail for Baltimore. That is after a fun subplot about vomit of which the details don't need repeating. Nevertheless, we hit Baltimore late, foiling my plans to see Ace of Cakes live. With an early morning flight the next day, Dan and I decided it would be best to stay up rather than sleep for 3 hours and then try to wake up again. This also gave us a chance to talk, an opportunity that had not really presented itself since we had not been alone until we dropped Joe off. After all of the conversations we had had on the phone in the past year, it was good to be in the same place to talk, at least for a little while. Then, he drove me to the airport, dropped me off, and I started mentally filming the "David tries to sleep in the airport" montage. Several hours later, I was back at work.

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